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Instructor: Various National and International Speakers

Language: English

Valid Till: 2024-07-31

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📌Women's Imaging (Endorsed by Breast Imaging Society of India)🥳🎊🎉

❤️🥳6 CME points Granted

🎯Theme: Breast and Gynae Imaging

Dates: 19th May (Sunday) and 26th May (Sunday) 2024

✅It will cover all the topics of Breast and Gynae Imaging
✅There will be 60days access to recorded video
👉🏼 Has updated suggested reading for delegates
👉🏼 Dedicated whatsapp group for delegates for continue learning (Going to start posting study points in group soon)
❤️Detailed notes and self assessment will be provided
✅Certificate will be given to participants

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Breast 19.05.2024
S.No. Time Talk Name of the faculty
    Clinical Perspectives  
1 08:30-08:55 AM Understanding Breast Cancer Dr. Supriya Kulkarni Toronto Canada
2 08:55-09:20 AM What a surgeon expects from breast imaging Dr. Kanchan Kaur Surgeon Delhi
3 09:20-09:55 AM BIRADS Mammography : Unravelling the Lexicon in Masses and Non Mass lesions Dr. Bagyam Raghavan Chennai
4 09:55-10:25 AM Contrast Enhanced Mammography CEM: Technique, Principle and Lexicon Dr. Veenu Singla Chandigarh
5 10:25-11:10 AM CEM clinical Applications and case Based Discussions ⁠Dr. Rupa Renganathan Coimbatore
6 11:10-11:45 AM BIRADS Mammography : Calcifications Dr. Pratiksha Yadav Pune
  11:45-11:55 AM Tea Break  
  11:55AM-12:00 PM Technical Presentation  
7 12:00-12:30 PM BIRADS Ultrasound Dr. Shabnam Bhandari Grover Delhi
8 12:30-01:00 PM Solid Breast Masses ultrasound Dr. Ekta Dhamija Delhi
9 01:00-01:30 PM Ultrasound of cystic Lesions of breast Dr. Beenu Varghese Pune
10 01:30-02:00 PM Imaging in Nipple Discharge (Papilloma DCIS) Dr. Jwala Srikala Hyderabad
  02:00-02:10 PM Technical Presentation  
11 02.10-02:35 PM Ultrasound Evaluation of Male Breast Dr. Kakoly Borthakur Mumbai
12 02:35-03:00 PM Ultrasound Breast Elastography in characterising intermediate breast lesions Dr. Shweta Nagar Indore
13 03:00-03:30 PM Pregnancy and Lactation associated Breast disease Dr. Poonam Bajaj Delhi
    Multimodality Approach And Interventions  
14 03:30-04:15 PM Multimodality Breast Imaging in the Symptomatic Patient - A Case Based Review Dr. Madhvi Chandra Delhi
15 04:15-04:45 PM Fat Necrosis: A great mimicker Dr. Jyoti Arora Delhi
16 04:45-05:15 PM Evaluation of Non Mass Breast Findings Dr. Pratiksha Yadav Pune
17 05:15-05:45 PM Ovarian Torsion: Ultrasound Dr. S Boopathy Vijayraghavan Coimbatore
18 05:45-06:15 PM Challenging and Uncommon Gyne cases : US Review Dr. Jiten Kumar Delhi
Gyne 26.05.24
S.No.   Talk Name of the faculty
    Technique, Congeital Anomalies and FIbroids  
1 08:30-09:00 AM HSG and Sono HSG Dr. Neharika Malhotra Agra
2 09:00-09:30 AM Mullerian Anomalies: US Evaluation (ESHRE/ESGE classification) Dr. Manju Virmani Delhi
3 09:30-10:00 AM US Fibroid Mapping and Reporting Format ⁠Dr. Chander Lulla Mumbai
    Adenomyosis Spectrum  
4 10:00-10:30 AM US Adenomyosis Dr. Ladbans Kaur Chandigarh
5 10:30-11:00 AM US Ovarian Endometriosis Dr. Swati Munshi Bangladesh
  11:00-11:10 AM Tea Break  
  11:10-11:20 AM Technical Presentation  
6 11:20-11:50 AM Deep infiltrating Endometriosis: Ultrasound

Dr. Shilpa Satarkar Aurangabad

7 11:50 AM-12:20 PM Abdominal Wall Endometriosis & MR findings in Extra ovarian endometriosis Dr. Shweta Nagar Indore
    Fallopian Tube, Ovaries and Challenging Cases  
8 12:20-12:50 PM US in Tubal Pathologies Dr. Manju Virmani Delhi
9 12:50-01:20 PM Poycystic Ovaries: Current Concepts Dr. Shilpa Satarkar Aurangabad
10 01:20-01:50 PM Follicular and Endometrial tracking in infertility Dr. Kakoly Borthakur Mumbai
11 01:50-02:20 PM Ultrasound Evaluation of Endometrium Dr. Poonam Bajaj Delhi
  02:20-02:30 PM Technical Presentation  
    Gyne Onco (Benign & Malignant) : Multimodality Imaging  
12 02:30-03:00 PM RPOC & Enhanced Myometrial Vascularity: US and MR Findings Dr. Gaurika Sahi Delhi
13 03:00-03:30 PM Ultrasound ORADS Dr. Shabnam Bhandari Grover
14 03:30-04:00 PM MRI O-RADS risk stratification system in adnexal masses ⁠Dr. Seema Sud Delhi
15 04:00-04:30 PM ORADS Case Based Discussion Dr. Rupa Renganathan Coimbatore
16 04:30-05:00 PM Carcinima Cervix : Ultrasound and MR Evaluation Dr. Ekta Dhamija Delhi
17 05:00-05:25 PM IOTA versus ORADS Dr. Bagyam Raghavan Chennai
18 05:25-06.05 PM Ultrasound Guided Breast Intervention (Diagnostic &Therapeutic ) ⁠Dr. Bhawna Chennai


BIRADS Mammography : Unravelling the Lexicon in Masses and Non Mass lesions - by  Dr. Bagyam Raghavan Chennai

"Early detection of  breast cancer with screening  has helped in the reduction or mortality and morbidity of  Breast cancer. Diagnostic breast imaging for symptomatic breast disease as opposed to screening examinations in asymptomatic patients detects non palpable lesions and these include subcentimeter masses, micro calcifications,  architectural distortions and asymmetries which are  subtle  signs of early malignancies.

Both diagnostic and screening imaging forms an important part of triple assessment and uses Xray, Ultrasound, Mri techniques which  need a common lexicon or  "pictionary"  so that all  clinical stake holders and multi disciplinary team starting from referring family physician, gynaecologist,  surgical, medical and radiation oncologist, pathologist and radiologist are on the same page.

Using a Case based approach the lecture will explain  the  Learning points :

1. Role of Breast Imaging in diagnosis  and screening - short overview of the armamentarium and technique.

2. Descriptors of the breast lesions - the pictionary.

3. BI RADS - linking findings to  management and outcome - what to do when."


BIRADS Ultrasound - by Dr. Shabnam Bhandari Grover Delhi

"The current BIRADS is the 5 th edition of ACR’s BIRADS released in 2014.

The last RSNA 2023, updated attendees about the forthcoming ( soon), 6th edition, which is expected to be even more comprehensive!

Tomo and lymph node descriptors coming up in the new 6 th edition !!

So get tuned to the current 5 th edition in order to comprehend the 6th!!

Do you know

a) that the current 5th edition includes AD, skin changes , edema, vascularity and elasticity amongst “associated features” for ultrasound assessment!

b) Do you know components of a typical ultrasound report ?

c) do you know what is the minimum assessment for screening ultrasound?

d) do you know how to report when mammo and ultrasound are jointly performed?

Join Mediflick’s course on Women’s Imaging to understand the ultrasound BIRADS 5th edition!!"


Ultrasound of cystic Lesions of breast- Dr. Beenu Varghese, Pune 

"Etiology and patho-physiology of cystic lesions of the breast
Clinical presentation of cysts
Approach to evaluation of cystic breast masses
Differentiating the good, the bad from the ugly and assigning the BI-RADS – some tips and tricks
Management of cystic breast masses"

Ultrasound Guided Breast Intervention (Diagnostic &Therapeutic)- ⁠Dr Bhawna Chennai

Core biopsy 
Vacuum assisted biopsy - VAB
Vacuum assisted excision - VAE 
Wire Localization 
Non palpable mass

Mullerian Anomalies: US Evaluation (ESHRE/ESGE classification)- Dr Manju Virmani Delhi

"Lets understand the ESHRE/ESGE consensus on the classification of female genital tract congenital anomalies"


US Adenomyosis- Dr. Ladbans Kaur, Chandigarh

In this talk we will be "Exploring the Correlation: of pathology of Adenomyosis and its Ultrasound Features"


US Ovarian Endometriosis - Dr Swati Munshi Bangladesh

"Endometriosis is a chronic disease that deserves early recognition. Endometriomas, also known as chocolate cysts or endometriotic cysts, are a localized form of endometriosis and are usually within the ovary, occuring in up to 10% of women of reproductive age.

Symptoms include pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia and infertility in 30-40% of patients but do not necessarily correlate with disease severity.It pathogenesis is still under discussion.Typical location is ovary.

The appearances of endometriomas can be quite variable. The classical appearance is an avascular unilocular cyst containing low-level, homogeneous "ground-glass" like internal echoes, as a result of the hemorrhagic debris.Although endometriomas are usually benign entities, there is an ~1% rate of malignant transformation. Endometrioid tumors of the ovary and clear cell ovarian carcinomas are the most common histological patterns seen.Endometriomas have the potential to decidualise during pregnancy resulting in the formation of vascularized, papillary projections.Ovarian endometriomas carry a lower risk of ovarian torsion than other ovarian cysts due to their frequent association with adhesions.General imaging differential considerations are hemorrhagic ovarian cyst,ovarian dermoid cyst,cystic neoplasm,tubo-ovarian abscess.An expert gynecological ultrasound is prudent to identify the signs of malignant transfformation and to dignose endometrioma from other imaging differential considerations. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has a role particularly when sonographic findings are unclear, when deep pelvic endometriosis is suspected or when surgery is planned. While laparoscopy will provide a definitive diagnosis and an expart pelvic ultrasoind followed by early treatment can provide years of relief and may prevent disease progression."

Ovarian Torsion: Ultrasound- Dr S Boopathy Vijayraghavan, Coimbatore

"Lets understand the ultrasound findings of ovarian torsion by none other than the stalwart creator of the sonographic whirlpool sign in ovarian torsion"



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