Musculoskeletal Imaging Basic Course – 5 cover

Musculoskeletal Imaging Basic Course – 5

An fundamental course on MRI in Post-operative knee, Brachial plexus, Finger - Thumb pathologies, Nerve injuries, and TM joint.

Instructor: Dr. Chinmay Mehta

Language: English

Validity Period: 30 days

Max Viewing Hours: 25 Hours

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₹3186 including 18% GST

This course provides a fundamental knowledge of –

  • Post-operative knee imaging
  • Brachial plexus IMAGING
  • MRI anatomy & common finger & thumb pathologies
  • Imaging of nerve injuries
  • Fracture reporting
  • TM joint Imaging

After completing this course, the participants will be better able to:

  • Understand imaging appearances of above-mentioned topics.
  • Document imaging details relevant to management.
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