Inflammatory & Demyelinating disorders of CNS Recorded cover

Inflammatory & Demyelinating disorders of CNS Recorded

Speaker -

Dr Sharath Kumar G G

Senior Consultant diagnostic and interventional neuroradiologist

Apollo hospitals & St John’s medical college, Bangalore

Instructor: Dr. Sharath Kumar G G

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Course Content 

1. Imaging protocol for inflammatory demyelinating disorders

2. Diagnostic criteria used to diagnose Multiple sclerosis

3. What is clinical and radiological isolated syndrome (CIS & RIS)

4. What is NMOSD & its characteristic imaging features

5. What is MOGAAD & its characteristic imaging features

6. Imaging pattern differentiating MS, NMOSD & MOGAAD in brain, spine and optic nerves

7. Characteristic imaging pattern described in Neurosarcoidosis

8. Imaging pattern of ADEM and its DD’s (RESLES, MERS, AHEL & ANEC)

9. CNS manifestations of IgG4 related disease (IgG4-RD)

10. What is CLIPPERS and what are the characteristic imaging findings described?

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